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Edwin Rosen is a phantom – at least if you look for the young musician’s electronic footprint. Even if the obligatory Spotify and Soundcloud accounts exist, there is little evidence that songs like “lighter//colder” or “The sun in your room” are really a product of human creativity. Buy Edwin Rosen Merch Here!

Edwin Rosen Merch

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Hey! You found us! Thank you for visiting our online store! Feel free to browse our site to find your favorite Edwin Rosen Merchandise. Edwin Rosen Store is a one-stop shop because you can buy many different items you want. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or eye-catching, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

Creating music purely as a means of personal catharsis and enjoyment, Rosen takes his inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma, calling his music “Neueneue Deutsche Welle” which loosely translates to ‘New-new German Wave’, his modern-day reimagining of new wave/post-punk music which sprung out of West Germany back in the 1980s, with heavy rock and electronic influences.

What about quality and designs?

Each of our designers has their own unique fashion sense, some focus on creating elegant, sporty, unique, trendy and all different styles. Our designers understand that you, as a customer, are looking for more than beautiful and fashionable clothes. You are pursuing a lifestyle.

And as for the quality, you shouldn’t even be asking us if the quality is good because our quality is great! His amazing fans deserve the best of the best and not just any mediocre piece of clothing. So have faith in us and know we’ve put our heart and soul to make clothing soft, comfortable, lightweight, and new. You won’t feel tacky or itchy in our clothing and that’s a promise! 

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